Current Administrators & Lead Guides

    • Madison Schmakel, Principal
    • Lia Shepherd, Director of Student Affairs & Services
    • Janell Webber, Director of SPED & Intervention
    • Yasmin Jeevan, Director of Operations & Compliance
    • Teresa Lartey, School Business Manager
    • Claudia Lopez, Office Assistant
    • Abbie Hart, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Yolanda Romanelli, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Trinity Huus, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Monica Rivera, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Stacie Schultz, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Caroline Clark, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Vicky Liu, Lead Guide: Children’s House
    • Erica Gannon, Lead Guide: Lower Elementary
    • Christina Keller, Lead Guide: Lower Elementary
    • Allison Stasson, Lead Guide: Lower Elementary
    • Emma Hilland, Lead Guide: Lower Elementary
    • Victoria Wheat, Lead Guide, Lower Elementary
    • Jared Woods, Lead Guide, Lower Elementary
    • Amy Osborn, Lead Guide: Lower Elementary
    • Audrey Troutner, Lead Guide: Upper Elementary
    • Amber Schoneman, Lead Guide: Upper Elementary
    • Donnell Carlson, Lead Guide: Upper Elementary
    • John Hooper, Lead Guide: Upper Elementary
    • Gabrielle Luftop, Lead Guide: Upper Elementary
    • Katie Larsen, Lead Guide: SPED & Intervention
    • Zaid Tahboub, Lead Guide: SPED & Intervention
    • Gretchen Melo, ELL Coordinator/Reading Interventionist
    • Colombia Cauman, ELL Coordinator/Reading Interventionist

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